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We are the Odadee Class of 1975 and our alma mater is the Presec (Presbyterian Boys Secondary School, Legon). Approximately 150 of us completed our ‘O’ level education in 1975. The years together were the most wonderful...

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This is one area of particular importance to us as it helps us reminisce and stay in regular contact with each other. Some of the information here can be viewed by others.

40th Anniversary

We celebrate 40 years of completing 5 years of study at Presec.

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Forgotten who your mates were? Take a look at our form List in 1975.

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Ever wondered what your mates look like after 40 years and in the 70's?

Presec Class of 1975

While we are working on our new website, we believe this page will give you an insight into what our group is all about.

About Odadee 75

We had a good Christian training.

We are the Odadee Class of 1975 and our alma mater is the Presec (Presbyterian Boys Secondary School, Legon). Approximately 150 of us completed our ‘O’ level education in 1975.

Those 5 years of our lives were the most wonderful with losts of interesting experiences which we cannot let go of. Our alumni associations are very well-known amongst Ghanaian students.

We keep reminiscing our time at Presec and it is on this basis that we have decided to reach out for all who completed in 1975. It’s great to be an Odadee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our website. These give quick responses to some of the questions you may have. If your question is not featured here, email us with your question.

This website is year-specific and has been requested by the 1975 year group as a means of bringing their group together once again. The intention is for this site to work alongside the main Odadee website.
Even though this website is for the benefit of all Odadees, membership is restricted to those individuals completeing the 5 years of study in June 1975. In other words, the group admitted into Form one in September of 1970 and remember names like Lemmy Caution, Apesew Kubi, Abuzzena, Philor etc. etc.
In the past, we had a 'members area' which member were able to access with a username and password. They initially had to register to be given access but generally because members at this stage of their lives have lot to remember, were always fogetting their login details. All prospective member need to do now is to email his contact details to webmaster@odadee75.org and we will be in touch.
No, it is for all Presecans both past and present to use. Only a limited area is reserved for members of the Class of 1975.
Not an awful lot for the moment, it is purely to protect some amount of information which are not of the public domain. We are also able to allocate members with a odadee75.org email address and members are always informed about happenings with our group.
Of course yes, and we encourage you to do that by clicking on the 'Tell-a-friend' link'. You can email your friends (both Odadees and non-Odadees) to let them about the existence of this website.

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