Redefining our BOND of Love and Support for one another to enrich our old age and promote healthy lives for all!

The ODADEE ’75 group is made up of adolescents who were admitted to the PRESBYTERIAN BOYS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL (PRESEC), LEGON in September, 1970; and completed their General Certificate of Education (GCE) course and sat for the GCE Ordinary Level Examination administered by the West Africa Examinations Council in May/June 1975. To wit, membership to this group is by default; and also, restricted to only persons falling in the category stated supra.

PRESEC, an originally Boys only school was founded in 1938 by then Presbyterian Church of Gold Coast (former name of present day Ghana). Our group represents the 3rd batch of students enrolled at the new site of PRESEC, Legon after the transfer of the school from the former location of Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern Region to the Legon Campus in the Greater-Accra Region.

A total of about 144 of us were admitted to Form 1 in the September of 1970. We were distributed to the then 5 Houses of the school viz. KWANSA, CLERK, ENGMANN, AKRO and RIIS houses. In form 3 the building of one more house, LABONE HOUSE, to add to the 5 aforementioned led to a reshuffle transferring some members to other houses and some remaining in same houses. Likewise, we had 4 streams of classes for each of the forms 1 to 5 which were designated as A,B,C and D.  (For example in form 1 each of us belonged to one of the classes 1A, 1B, 1C or 1D). Some members belonged to and sat in the same class for the 5-year period; whereas others stayed in the same house for all the 5 years culminating in an exceptional bonding among such mates to date.

Most members of the group have currently retired with diverse professional backgrounds and they constitute a wealth of knowledge and experience to potentially serve as mentors to current and recent past students of the school who may be seeking guidance and counselling (career or otherwise) through the Alumni and Mentoring Centre (AMC) at the school.

The members interact on daily basis via whatsapp; and also, meet as a group every quarter.

Having a golfing lesson at Tema
Meeting at the Tema Golf Club.
Rablo at the Alumni Centre
Eric, Theo, Maxwell & Headmaster
Meeting at the Tema Golf Club
Welbeck, Fred, Napoleon and Johnson
At Cooler's daughters engagement
Lenny, Daniel, Ralph and Awuku